Food Menu

Tibsy    (Beef)

Pan Roasted strips of beef sautéed  with garlic, onions, butter & mild spices


Ziggni/ Key Wat   (Beef)

Berber marinated boneless beef simmered in authentic ethiopian spices & butters


Doro Watt  (Chicken)

Bone in chicken and boiled eggs simmered in our authentic Ethiopian herbs and spices


Ye-Beg Alicha  (Curry Lamb)

Succulent pieces of fresh lamb sautéed in creamy sauce seasoned with mild spices and fresh herbs.


Meat Combination

Combined items of ziggni, doro watt & ye-beg alicha

(Serves for one person)


Kitfo  (Beef)

Finely chopped prime lean beef seasoned with herbed butter sauce and spices served with Ethiopian cottage cheese.( Prepared rare or medium)


Red Lentils  

Red lentils stewed in a special sauce with onions, berbere, garlic & ginger


Yellow Lentils  

Yellow spilt peas  cooked in a mild and flavorful onion, ginger, garlic and turmeric


Mustard Greens  

Fresh chopped-collard greens cooked in a mild sauce of onions, garlic and herbs


Brown split peas 

Brown lentils cooked in a mild sauce


Vegetarian Combination

Combined items of red, yellow, brown lentils & mustard greens

(Serves for one person)


Tofu Tibs   

Cubed Tofu sauteed with garlic, onions & fresh herbs



A specialty imported dish made of roasted ground chickpeas simmered in a rich house sauce & spiced with olive oil


Mushroom Tibs      

Sautéed mushrooms with garlic, onions, fresh herbs & asmara spices

Egg Plant Tibs 

Cubed egg plant sauteed with garlic, onions, fresh herbs & asmara spices


Gored Gored     (Beef)

Cubes of soft tenderloin tips seasoned with awaze spices, mitmita chili peppers, and spiced butter. Prepared rare


Yebeg Tibs  (Lamb)

Boneless strips of tender lamb simmered with onions, butter & hot spices


Doro Tibsy  (Chicken)

Boneless pieces of chicken breast sautéed with green peppers, garlic, onions & Asmara spices


Derek Tips  (Lamb)

Savory dry lamb chunks cooked extra well-done, sautéed with onions, jalapeños and mixed herbs


Lega Tibs     (Beef)

Tender chunks of beef seasoned & marinated with onion, garlic & jalapeño peppers


Zilzil Tibs   (Beef)          

Strips of tender beef sautéed in spiced butter, grilled onions, peppers and fresh herbs


Quanta Firfir   (Beef)

Dried beef seasoned with Asmara spices & mixed with pieces of injera


Assa Tibs   (Fish)

Catfish fillet sautéed with onion, tomatoes in special Asmara spices/sauces


Tej (Home-Made Honey Wine)

Glass || Half Carafe ||    Full  Carafe  

Flax Seed smoothie

Flax seed, milk, ice & honey


Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fanta & Canada Dry

Orange, Cranberry or Lemonade

Sparkling Mineral Water

Ginger Beer (Non-Alcoholic)


Ethiopian Hot or Iced Tea

Ginger | Green | Earl Gray Tea  

 Ethiopian Coffee

Machiatto | Cappuccino | Café Latte

Steam Milk w/Honey | Mocha | Hot Chocolate